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Caribbean Forum > Maria La Gorda
posted : May 11, 2006 Post subject: Maria La Gorda
I'm planning a trip to Cuba in July and really want to dive at Maria la Gorda, but I'm having trouble contacting both the resort & the dive club. If anyone has been there and has contact details I'd be very grateful. Also any tips on getting there and away, or things to take as I heard the resort is pretty quiet would be appreciated.


posted : June 1, 2006 Post subject: Maria La Gorda
Hi Jen. I was in Maria La Gorda last February and arranged the accommodation and transfers through Regent Holidays. The resort and dive club are essentially run by the same outfit, so making contact with the resort is probably your best bet. Sorry I don't have any contact details.

Re getting there, make sure you hire a car to drive there or arrange a taxi to take you there and pick you up. It is very remote so there is no public transport.

Depending on how long you are staying there, I would recommend taking lots of reading material as there is not much to do other than dive or drink in the bar and eat in the restaurants! The beach is also great for chliling out on, but beware of the sand flies at dusk!

The diving is good, and you will be the only people diving at the dive sites, so have a great time!

posted : June 26, 2006 Post subject: Maria La Gorda
Thanks Maz, much appreciated :)