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Caribbean Forum > Cuba scuba
posted : October 18, 2005 Post subject: Cuba scuba
I am planning a trip to Cuba in January with my non-diving boyfriend. Can anyone give any tips on good places to go diving in Cuba which are also ok for non-divers (eg. have other water-sports on offer, are good for chilling out etc.). I hear Maria La Gorda is great but perhaps a bit remote? Anyone know about the quality of diving at Vardero?

posted : December 1, 2005 Post subject: Cuba scuba
Hi Maz, am going to varedero for xmas and new year and cont seem to find any info, i did talk to a couple at stoney who say that it is the best diving they have done, if you would like to keep in touch i will let you know what its like as soon as we get back in jan, safe diving, Tim

posted : December 6, 2005 Post subject: Cuba scuba
Hi Tim
Would love to hear how you get on over xmas and new year. Have booked a few days in Varadero (and a couple in Maria la Gorda) and would be good to get any tips on which dive outfits to use etc.

posted : December 6, 2005 Post subject: Cuba scuba
Hi Maz, have saved you into favs and as soon as i get back i will send you info of all the places i dive and hopefully you will have a great trip, if you ever fancy a trip to stoney cove when it warms up just drop me a line and we could all meet up, cheers Tim

posted : February 13, 2006 Post subject: Cuba scuba
Hi Tim,
Sorry to butt in on your chat. I am thinking of going to Cuba for x-mas and NY 2006. Can you give me any advice? Will the weather be good - not too much rain I hope? Visibility etc. Did you have a fun time?
Thanks, Jackie

posted : February 14, 2006 Post subject: Cuba scuba
Hi Jackie
I actually just got back from Cuba recently and dived at Maria la Gorda and had planned to dive at Varadero. Unfortunately the days I was at Varadero the sea was too rough for the boats to go out, although someone I spoke to who did manage to get a dive in said the visibility was only 5 metres. That said, I think that was unusual and the diving is normally supposed to be good there, even at this time of year. The dive club I went with organised a trip to the Bay of Pigs (on the south coast) instead and the visibility was around 25 metres and quite a lot of fish life to boot.

I would add that it is worth the trip to Maria la Gorda to experience the remoteness of the place (there is only one hotel there). The diving was also excellent.

posted : Today, 2006 Post subject: Cuba scuba
Brilliant - thank you so much. We have decided to go next Feb/March instead - hopefully visibility will be guranteed then!
Thanks again - really appreciated. Jac.

posted : September 30, 2006 Post subject: Cuba scuba
I am planning a trip to far western Cuba in Feb. Though my trip is not for diving, I am interested in your comments about the lodging and food at Maria la Gorda.
Our plan is to stay at Maria la Gorda and travel daily to Las Martinas, a small town on the way into Maria la Gorda. We are on a mission trip.
Do you remember anything about your travelling to and from Maria la Gorda and Pinar del Rio?
What were the rooms like? and how about the food. Other information I have found talks about a buffet restaurant.
Thanks for your help.